Administrative Services

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Administrative Services

  • Your Virtual Assistant is ready 7/24 not just 8-5 M-F
  • No cubicle/office space or furniture for administrative help
  • No extra phone/computer/printer not necessary
  • No 401k plan/salary/employee taxes
  • No additional benefits-medical/PTO/vacation pay
  • No more over-time paid out EVER!
  • Pay only for actual time worked on project, no paying for breaks or personal issues

Don’t let administrative and organizational details hinder you from promoting your billable business.¬† Imagine being able to free up enough time to do other things in life besides work and still have a top-notch organized business.

What Types of People Benefit from the Services of a Virtual Assistant?

  • Self-Employed Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Traveling Executives and Salespeople
  • New Business Start-ups
  • Small Companies with Limited Resources
  • Large Companies who normally hire temps when business is overwhelming
  • Any business person that needs someone to help them organize

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